Dicentra Gold Heart

New twist on a classic favourite perennial This yellow leaved Bleeding Heart is new find this year and looks absolutely fabulous! Bleeding Hearts are one of the most popular and best loved perennials for shady spring colour. They typically grow quite tall with green foliage and white or pink flowers. Dicentra Gold Heart, however is a radiant yellow leaved Bleeding Heart which will create… Read More

Mojave Fuchsia and Tangerine Portulacas

Hot colour for hot spots! If you have a spot for a hanging basket which is extremely hot and dry or an area of garden in full, hot sun, why not check out our two new annual Portulacas?  Mojave Fuchsia and Tangerine are bred by my favourite plant breeders, Proven Winners to withstand drought and heat. They are low growing plants and will quickly… Read More