+ Raspberries


Raspberries should be grown in a sunny location in narrow rows. Canes grow vigorously and may need to be supported with stakes and string.



A mouthwatering taste of summer! We grow several types of melon, all definitely worth a try in our growing zone. Mid June is the perfect time to plant as by then the soil has warmed up nicely and transplants will establish well and take off. All melons need a long hot summer to produce – see our tips for more information on growing melons…. Read More

Haskap Berries

New and unique flavour! Haskap berries are new, delicious and easy! Imagine a plump, blue, juicy berry that tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry – that is a Haskap! You won’t find these fruits in the grocery store and they are easy to grow in a home garden. We have two varieties of Haskap – Yezberry Maxie and Yezberry Solo. Solo… Read More