How Hot are our 2016 Hot Peppers?

Choose from 5 varieties

Hot peppers have intrigued gardeners for centuries, being used for a whole range of purposes. Nowadays, they are hard to resist, being easy and fun to grow, very productive small plants that you can always find a space for. They even bring out the rebel in us! Who hasn’t tentatively bitten into one not knowing what result may occur? This year, we are growing 5 varieties of hot peppers, ranging in shape, size, colour and heat. They can be grown in the ground or in containers. Plant in full sun and hope for a hot summer for the best yield. The heat of the fruit is measured using Scoville Heat Units. Each hot pepper has its own value attached – a lower number being less hot and a higher number indicating more heat. Keeping plants on the dry side will improve the heat factor too.

This is how our varieties rate for heat:

  • Hungarian Yellow Wax – 2000 SHU
  • Hot Portugal – 5000 SHU
  • Jalapeno – 6000 SHU
  • Loco – 24,000 SHU
  • Habanero Orange – 200,000 SHU

Hot peppers are easy and fun to grow

Hot peppers

Harvest hot peppers and use in any number of summer dishes or dry and store for use in the winter. My favourite recipe – sliced rings of fresh Jalapeno peppers, cheese and chopped fresh tomatoes sprinkled over tortilla chips and baked for a few minutes.