Soils, Fertilizers and Mulch

We sell a full range of soils, fertilizers and mulch to help you provide the best possible growing conditions for your plants. Great soil equals great results!

Bagged Growing Mixes

Sunshine Mix, #1 – Professional quality, used in our greenhouses for all our annual plants. Great for any kind of potted plants including hanging baskets and planters.

Sunshine Mix, #7 – Professional quality, used in our greenhouses for all our hanging baskets and planters. Contains water holding gel for use in containers that dry out fast in hot sun and wind.

Topsoil, Mulch & Manure

Triple Mix Topsoil – Top quality blend of topsoil, peat & manure. Use for top dressing lawns, creating & enhancing flower and vegetable gardens.

Cedar Mulch – Shredded Cedar helps suppress weed growth and hold moisture in soil. Long lasting, but will break down eventually, enhancing soil.

Cattle Manure – Well rotted, will benefit all gardens.

Please call for a loading appointment* or delivery cost

* It is important to arrange an appointment for pick up of bulk loads. Our operator and machines are often on job sites and are only here by chance. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Looks like earth, works like mulch!

Have you seen our ‘poop yet?? In addition to our cedar mulch, we are selling a new type of mulch named Nincompoop. It is an all natural mulch made of composted manure and straw, sterilized to kill all weed seeds. Because of the high organic content, it provides great food for worms and holds plenty of precious moisture. It breaks down in one growing season to rich black earth, adding nutrients to the soil. Nincompoop can be used in all types of gardens. In the veggie garden, spread between rows to keep weeds out, then till in the following growing season. You will have gorgeous nutrient rich black earth to start next year off. In the flower garden, spread it between shrubs, perennials and annuals to keep out weeds and build up the soil. As with other mulches, it should be laid on about 3-4″ thick. Take a look at our display gardens at the farm where we have spread some Nincompoop.


Miracle Grow Water Soluble Fertilizer – Fast acting premium quality plant food. Mix with water and use regularly on planters, baskets and gardens for superb growth and flowers.

Miracle Grow Timed Release Fertilizer – Premium quality plant food. Slow release fertilizer pellets will release continuously for 6 months with only one application. Use in planters and baskets.

Organic Fertilizer

We have sold a small selection of fertilizers for a few years now, a water soluble brand – Miracle Grow and a slow release type – Feed and Forget. Over the last year I have had many customers asking for an organic fertilizer, so in the winter I did some researches and chose an organic brand called Acti-Sol to sell to round out our selection. It is made from hen manure and comes in an easy to apply pellet form that is simple, fast and odourless. We have a formulation suitable for flowers and another for vegetables. Just sprinkle the pellets in the garden and reapply every 8 weeks or so.

Actisol Natural Fertilizer for Flowers – hen manure fertilizer, specially formulated for flowering plants.

Actisol Natural Fertilizer for Tomatoes & Vegetables – hen manure fertilizer, specially formulated for tomatoes and other vegetables. Will help prevent blossom end rot on Tomatoes.

Mac our 5 year old black Lab - Boxer rescue dog

Mac our 5 year old black Lab – Boxer rescue dog