About Us

Farm Closed

Cut and Dried Flower Farm has been in operation since 1993. Over the past 30 years, Chris and I have built this business from scratch, starting with just one small greenhouse and one employee and growing to a unique, full and thriving farm and plant nursery. I have made it my mission to grow an incredibly full and interesting range of high quality plants, as well as providing excellent customer service…. All along, developing and nurturing a culture of positivity, respect and passion for gardening amongst both customers and employees. We are very proud of the business and community that we have built.

Alongside Cut and Dried Flower Farm, we have been running Complete Outdoor Services Inc., our landscaping and property maintenance company that Chris founded in 1988. 2024 will be our 37th year of operation. We provide personalized landscaping, lawn maintenance and garden maintenance services. This is a full time job for me. I run a garden division that employs 8 people, taking care of over 60 properties. I design and understand gardens and love doing it!  

Successfully leading two businesses for all this time has not been easy. In 2023, I made the difficult decision to take a sabbatical from the Flower Farm, with the full intention of reopening in 2024. Since then, I have spent time doing a lot of soul searching and realize that I am doing too much. As much as I love growing plants and my brain craves the hustle and challenges of running the farm, I also know deep down that I can only sustainably manage one business at a time. So….. Chris and I have made the difficult decision that Cut and Dried Flower Farm will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Now, I say “foreseeable” future for a reason. Never say never. I am NOT retiring and with 35 years of professional experience, gardens are my passion and plants are what I know. For now I will keep focusing my energy towards Complete Outdoor Services Inc. and work on the design, installation and maintenance of our client’s gardens. In the future, Chris and I hope to return to growing plants and reopen the farm someday.

Thank you, loyal customers for 30 years of community, support and inspiration to grow the Flower Farm. I am honoured that you chose to support our business. Thank you, all employees, whether you were with us a few months or many years. Your contribution has been integral to the success of the farm. Thank you to everyone now for your understanding and support as I stop, refocus and reorganize my life.

So, as I sign off for now, I will leave you with my favourite phrase that I coined during those difficult pandemic years, “Let a garden bring joy to your life!”

Good bye for now,