Gardening for Kids

Introducing children to gardening is a gift that will remain with the child the rest of their lives. I can still remember my Mum helping me plant seeds and take cuttings. My brother and I each had our own small gardens when young. (And look what happened – I have made a career and life out of growing plants!) A gift for life and… Read More

+ Cool season vegetables

Growing Cool Season Vegetables

Early to mid May is the time to plant the first veggie plants in your garden! Many new gardeners do not realize that several crops can be planted well before the last frost. These veggies are known as cool season veggies and although they can be planted later, they will establish and produce better if planted in cooler weather. They are easy to grow and are… Read More


Deer and Rabbit Resistant Plants

Most of us find out the hard way that hungry deer and rabbits will eat almost any plants. It can become a real problem, both in country gardens and also in more urban areas. Damage caused by deer and rabbits is not hard to identify – browsing deer often leave a jagged or torn surface on twigs and stems. Rabbit or rodent damage will… Read More

+ Custom Containers

How to Design Amazing Containers

Planting your own containers can be a fun and rewarding activity! Well designed and planted containers should thrive until frost – just follow these guidelines for success! Light Requirements: Will your container be growing in full sun, part sun or full shade? Ensure you only use suitable plants. Plant Habit: When choosing plants, include a ‘Thriller’, ‘Filler’ and a ‘Spiller’. This combination of an… Read More

Spring garden clean up – start early!

Spring is definitely the crazy time in the garden. Once the warmer weather is on us, plants start to grow fast, weeds can be hard to keep up with and the feeling of being overwhelmed can quickly develop, and the season has barely started! The key to spring survival is to start early! Completing a thorough clean up in your gardens in April can… Read More

Attracting Butterflies to your Garden

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth and can be easily attracted to your garden. Like any living creature, they have certain habitat and food preferences. Below are some tips to get you started planning your butterfly habitat. Butterfly Habitat Sun and shelter are important. Butterflies cannot fly in wind or rain and prefer sunny and calm or gently… Read More


Perennial Garden Renovation

Fall is here and with it usually comes some fabulous weather for gardening. This time of year is perfect for moving, dividing and reorganising perennials, while the details are all still fresh in our minds! Sometimes in the spring it can be easy to forget size, colour or even what a certain plant is when everything is still peeking out of the ground. Fall… Read More

Protect Tender Plants for the Winter

Now is the time to ensure that your garden is properly put to bed for the winter. Attention needs to be paid to the not so hardy plants to ensure that they survive our wild winters and emerge safe and sound in the spring. I find that there can be confusion over this issue and many people do not realize that some Roses are… Read More

Fall Garden Preparation

Fall is a wonderful time of year in the garden. There are many tasks that can be done, but remember few are absolutely necessary! My best advice is to relax – most plants will come through the winter without any special treatment. Here are a few ideas – in approximate order (September – December). Final weeding Catch up now the weather is cooler. Pay… Read More

+ Petunias

Fertilize your Annuals!

Believe it or not the most important care that you can give your plants is not deadheading or watering – it’s fertilizing!