Bidens Campfire Burst

Hot & wild colour This bright and unusual annual is sure to turn some heads! If you enjoy a touch of the wild, then Campfire Burst may be for you! Bright and small, the russet red / orange flowers with yellow centres really pack a burst of colour. The effect is an airy and somewhat wild look. Previously only available in yellow, this new… Read More

New Guinea Impatiens

Unbeatable in the shade Our annual New Guinea Impatiens crop this year is looking fantastic! We are growing 2 bright colours – Celebration Orange and Celebration Purple. New Guinea Impatiens are fabulous plants to grow in full or part shade. A few hours sunlight in the morning is perfect. They make lovely mounds of dark foliage about a foot high and are covered in… Read More

Mojave Fuchsia and Tangerine Portulacas

Hot colour for hot spots! If you have a spot for a hanging basket which is extremely hot and dry or an area of garden in full, hot sun, why not check out our two new annual Portulacas?  Mojave Fuchsia and Tangerine are bred by my favourite plant breeders, Proven Winners to withstand drought and heat. They are low growing plants and will quickly… Read More