Grapevine Cone Baskets

Single variety and some mixed combinations in 12” grapevine cones.

Hanging Basket Combinations

We grow over 600 hanging baskets! Designs are planned in the fall and winter as we visit grower open houses, do our research and gain inspiration for our combinations. What you see in our greenhouses in the spring is a combination of 10 months of planning. Our baskets are grown to last! Combinations are carefully planned to include plants that will complement each other… Read More


2019 Hanging Basket Challenge Winners

Check out the pictures of the 8 hanging baskets, with their designers and new owners. Congratulations to all the winners and designers!

+ ‘Weekender’ Hanging Baskets

Unique ‘Weekender’ Hanging Baskets

Saves water and time! Have you seen our unique and innovative ‘Weekenders’ yet? These baskets measure 16” in diameter and are made of durable, tasteful black plastic. In the bottom of the basket is a large water holding reservoir and a wick system which draws moisture up into the plant roots. Watering is only required every 3 to 4 days and less water is… Read More


Superbell Hanging Baskets

Speckles and Stars! Our Superbell hanging baskets have always been popular as they fill out beautifully and are easy to care for, rewarding you with colour all summer until frost. We grow a broad array of colours and patterns – something for every taste! Two new and unique Proven Winner bicolours caught my attention at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference last fall. I just had… Read More

+ Hanging Basket Challenge

Hanging Basket Challenge Fundraiser 2019

Vote for a chance to win! In 2018 we tried a new fun initiative – a Hanging Basket Challenge, which we are proud to say was the recipient of the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Promotional Event at 2018 Landscape Ontario’s Garden Centre Awards. Due to the huge success of the Hanging Basket Challenge, we are once again running this unique fundraiser. Here’s how… Read More


Fundraiser Hanging Basket Challenge 2018

Donation made to Alliston and District Humane Society We are very pleased and proud to announce that with the help of you – our loyal customers, we have raised $1045 for the Alliston and District Humane Society (ADHS). Sue Shannon from the ADHS visited the farm this week to pick up the cheque. The staff Hanging Basket Challenge was conceived while brainstorming ways to celebrate… Read More