Habitat and food for Monarch Butterflies We grow several selections of the native North American Milkweed, including the white flowered Ice Ballet and deep rose flowered Soulmate. Milkweed is important to plant and cultivate in gardens as endangered Monarch butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on Milkweeds, which then becomes an essential food for the growing caterpillars. Both Ice Ballet and Soulmate Milkweed form a… Read More


Blackberry Lily Freckle Face

A pop of orange and red with clusters of black seeds that resemble blackberries.

+ Achillea Sassy Summer

Achillea Sassy Summer

Yarrow loves full sun and will thrive in a range of soil conditions.


Sedum Rock ‘n Round Popstar

Like all Sedum, Popstar will be happiest in a sunny, hot and dry location!

+ Rebecca Clematis


Clematis is easy to grow and cultivate.


Salvia Profusion

Profusion Salvia love sun and are easy to grow.

+ Pulmonaria Pretty in Pink

Pulmonaria Pretty in Pink

Large bright rose pink flowers in large clusters on a plant that is low and wide.


Baptisia Pink Lemonade

False Indigo Commonly known as False Indigo, varieties are usually blue. However, Pink Lemonade is a little different! Unique bicoloured flowers start out soft yellow and age to raspberry pink and mauve lavender. WOW! Blooming late spring to early summer, flower stems are sturdy and held above upright, full and bushy blue-green foliage. Plants will grow to over 3 feet, so great for the… Read More


Geranium Boom Chocolatta

Boom Chocolatta is a favourite of bees and not so tasty to deer and rabbits.


Canadian Shield Rose

Canadian Shield Rose is disease resistant and low maintenance and will not succumb to black spot or powdery mildew.