Canadian Shield Rose

Canadian Shield Rose is disease resistant and low maintenance and will not succumb to black spot or powdery mildew.


Calamintha Nepeta

2021 Perennial of the Year

+ Fritillaria adds colour and excitement to flowerbeds.


Many of you are asking what the tall orange, exotic looking flowers are in our gardens. (If I had a dollar for every time I was asked, well……) The answer is Fritillaria or Crown Imperial. Purchase them as a bulb in the fall and plant in a sunny location. In the spring you will be rewarded by lush green foliage and large orange bell… Read More

+ Penstemon Midnight Masquerade, Tall, dark and handsome! Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Penstemon Midnight Masquerade

Tall, dark and handsome! Perennials with interesting foliage have always appealed to me and when designing gardens, I always think about foliage colour and form. I am excited to be growing this lovely new variety of Penstemon or Beardtongue. Plants form a sturdy clump of deep burgundy-purple foliage, which really stands out and is a great contrast to other foliage. When the flowers grow… Read More


Phlox Ultra Violet

Stunning colour and great disease resistance If you love Phlox but are always disappointed by powdery mildew issues in late summer, this plant is for you! Here in southern Ontario, hot and humid summers can cause this disease to plague tall Phlox. I am very excited about Phlox Ultra Violet, a Proven Winners variety which has been especially selected for its improved resistance to… Read More

+ Helleborus Spanish Flare also known as Lenten Rose are a true herald of spring. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.

Helleborus Spanish Flare

Spring Bloomer One of the earliest flowering plants in the garden, Hellebores or Lenten Rose are a true herald of spring. In my garden they flower for weeks in April and May and I just adore them! The flowers of Spanish Flare are exquisite – large 3” diameter, soft yellow with maroon centres – a real beauty. In addition to their great early flower… Read More

+ Echinacea Lakota Fire

Echinacea Lakota Fire

As with all Echinaceas, Lakota Fire is easy to grow.

+ Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Wild and beautiful! Perovskia atriplicifolia or Russian Sage as it is more easily pronounced is a woody, sun loving perennial that flowers late summer, offering sometimes much needed end of season colour. When you are looking at your garden, trying to assess areas that may need new plants, try to imagine how the garden will look by late summer and fall. Is there enough… Read More

+ mallow

Malva Zebrina or Mallow

Plants form an upright, bushy mound with 2” wide soft lavender purple flowers, exotically striped with deep maroon veins.

+ Brunnera Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.

Brunnera or Siberian Bugloss

True blue for spring! Brunnera or Siberian Bugloss is one of my favourite all time perennials. It is fairly uncommon and deserves to be planted a lot more than it is! It is a reliable, easy care perennial and once established will pop up year after year. Low clumps of heart shaped leaves grow to about 12” tall and wide and produce upright, airy… Read More