Butterfly Bush

Buddleia, Butterfly magnets for the garden Our aptly named Buddleia or Butterfly Bush are just starting to come into bloom in our perennial house. If you would like to try growing a real butterfly magnet plant and you have a sunny, sheltered location, then you must consider Buddleia! Choose from Prince Charming (cerise pink flowers) or Blue Knight (lavender purple flowers). Woody plants reach… Read More

Creeping Phlox Red Wing

Vibrant spring time colour! Need an extra splash of colour in your garden in the spring? Creeping Phlox Red Wing may be the plant for you! Vibrant carmine pink flowers are extremely eye catching, blooming when most other perennials are just starting to poke out of the ground. This hardy perennial ground cover forms a low growing carpet of evergreen foliage which is completely… Read More

Astilbe Vision in Red

Long lasting colour for the shade This fabulous Astilbe is one of my favourite perennials! Long lasting, upright, fluffy dark red flowers are very striking and last for 6 to 8 weeks in July and August. When the flowers are finished, the glossy foliage remains fresh and full and the seed heads are interesting into the fall. Vision in Red will grow better in… Read More


Pie or crisp anyone? Love cooking with rhubarb? Why not try growing some? Rhubarb is a very easy plant to grow which will steadily expand into a larger clump over the years. Plant in a sunny spot in your garden and watch as the leaves emerge and it grows quickly in the spring. How to grow rhubarb Plants will grow quite large so allow… Read More

Lavender Munstead

Add some sweet fragrance to your garden! Lavender is one of my favourite perennials! We used to grow it in our cut flower fields many years ago. Its unmistakable sweet fragrance is widely used in commercial soaps, shampoos and air fresheners – but why settle for the artificial scent when it’s easy to grow fresh in your own garden! Lavender is a low, woody,… Read More

Primula Pacific Hybrids

Bright early colour for wet spots This low growing brightly coloured perennial spring beauty produces large flowers, held in small clusters in vibrant shades of yellow, maroon, lavender, white, pink and violet. The dark green foliage forms a low rosette. Plants reach 6-8” in height, so plant at the front of the garden for the best display. Primula loves to be in a wet… Read More

Ornamental Grasses

Blue Paradise and Desert Plains Ornamental grasses add graceful texture and movement to the garden. I am always on the lookout for new perennial grass varieties – they are so great in this area, with our warm summers. In the heat of August they will always look fabulous. Deer will tend to avoid grasses too which can be a real bonus. Two varieties that… Read More

Reblooming Daylilies

Easy Flower Power! Daylilies have been grown and loved by North American gardeners forever. They are known for being drought tolerant, reliable perennials with cheerful, no fuss flowers that are happy in full sun. They are one of the easiest perennials to grow. Since most older varieties will bloom only for a couple of weeks, recent breeding has focused on extending bloom time and… Read More

Gaillardia Arizona

Thrives in poor, well drained soil Do you have any space near the front of your garden for a happy little perennial that loves heat, blooms all summer and never fails to please? If so, take a look at our two Gaillardia varieties – Arizona Sun and Arizona Apricot. Gaillardia or Blanket Flower is a popular perennial that has undergone recent breeding advances to… Read More

+ Dicentra Gold Heart photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Dicentra Gold Heart

New twist on a classic favourite perennial Bleeding Hearts are one of the most popular and best loved perennials for shady spring colour. They typically grow quite tall with green foliage and white or pink flowers. Dicentra Gold Heart, however is a radiant yellow leaved Bleeding Heart which will create a brilliant focal point in the shade garden. It is shorter than the more… Read More