+ Heritage Tomatoes

Our Tomato Selection

Tomatoes are an easy crop to grow in this area and whether you have a large veggie garden or are growing in containers, everyone can be successful with tomatoes. I spend a lot of time in the winter researching and finalizing our listing and the result is a huge range of tomato plants to offer you. Hybrid varieties such as Big Beef, Ultra Sweet… Read More

+ Mountain Magic tomato has exceptional sweet flavour.

Tomato Mountain Magic

New Edible for 2022 I’ve been searching for a really good cocktail or campari type tomato to add to our tomato collection for a while now. I think I’ve found it! Mountain Magic has exceptional sweet flavour, crack resistance and vigorous foliage. Expect high yields of 2 oz red fruits, formed in clusters of 7-8. Great news for gardeners who have the misfortune to… Read More


Asparagus Purple Passion

Asparagus Purple Passion is easy to grow and yields heavily.


Grow and Eat your Greens!

Swiss Chard, Kale, Arugula and Lettuce The health benefits of eating plenty of leafy green veggies have been well proven. As usual, we have grown a good selection of transplants this year, all of which are easy to grow and can be planted out when it is still cool. Just find a sunny spot in the garden with good soil. All veggies will benefit… Read More

+ sweet peppers


Hot or sweet & easy to grow! Peppers are an easy and rewarding summer vegetable crop and we grow a full selection of both hot and sweet pepper plants. Hot peppers include Hot Portugal – a fiery hot red salsa type which grows to 6” long, Hungarian Yellow Wax – a medium hot, yellow type which grows to 6” long and Jalapeno – a… Read More


A beautiful vegetable! Those of you who know me well will already know that I have a passion for growing and cooking Eggplant and that I am always encouraging others to try growing some of this beautiful vegetable for themselves! If you haven’t had the run down from me personally, here goes… We grow 2 varieties – the large and rounded deep purple Italian… Read More

+ Basil


We grow many varieties of Basil! Basil is a true taste of summer and due to its short shelf life in supermarkets, is a perfect plant to grow and eat fresh from your garden. This wonderful, aromatic herb is easy to grow in our hot summers and provides rich flavour and colour to many culinary creations, both cooked and fresh. Did you know that… Read More



Leeks belong to the onion family but do not form a bulb, instead a long upright white shank is produced topped with wide flat leaves.

Grow Pumpkins!

Easy and fun to grow your own pumpkins! As gardeners, we are always thinking and planning ahead and this year is no exception! Its time now to start planning and planting crops for Halloween and Fall decorating! We grow a cool selection of Pumpkin and Gourd plants – choose from large orange pumpkins, small pie pumpkins, large white pumpkins or how about the Warty Goblin pumpkin, which as the name suggests is… Read More

+ specialty hot peppers

Specialty Hot Peppers

Need some heat in your life? Browse our collection of specialty Hot Pepper varieties and you may be inspired to try some new varieties and become a hot pepper connoisseur! Our selection includes many different types, shapes, sizes, colours and strengths of heat. The heat strength of hot peppers is measured in Scoville Heat Units (shu). Specialty Hot Peppers and Scoville Heat Units (shu)… Read More