Dinosaur Kale

Italian Heirloom Variety Over the last few years, kale has become a very popular leafy green vegetable to grow and eat. It can be prepared raw in salads or cooked in all kinds of dishes. Its nutritional qualities are exceptional! A cup provides more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin A and K and 88% of the daily value of vitamin C…. Read More


Pickled or Fresh – brand new trial varieties This season, I was fortunate enough to be offered some sample trial seed from Ball Seed, one of the large seed companies that I buy from. The trial seed is for varieties that will be released for commercial sale in 2017. I selected 2 new cucumbers – Martini and Gherking to trial. Martini – Sweet and… Read More

How Hot are our 2016 Hot Peppers?

Choose from 5 varieties Hot peppers have intrigued gardeners for centuries, being used for a whole range of purposes. Nowadays, they are hard to resist, being easy and fun to grow, very productive small plants that you can always find a space for. They even bring out the rebel in us! Who hasn’t tentatively bitten into one not knowing what result may occur? This… Read More