10 Reasons to Visit Us

  1. This is our 29th year in business – we are experienced growers! We love what we do and we think it shows!
  2. We home grow a selection of high quality annuals, cut flower transplants, perennials, veggie plants, fruit plants, herbs, hanging baskets and planters at our farm here in Glencairn. We also bring in shrubs, soils and fertilizers to round out our selection.
  3. Each year we research new plants and add plenty of new varieties and colours to our plant collection.
  4. We are well known for our premium hanging baskets and planters. All are unique to our farm and most are new designs each year.
  5. We grow a full range of the famous Proven Winner branded plants.
  6. We are proud to use biological controls to take care of insect pests and we do not use neonicotinoid insecticides.
  7. We offer a fantastic Custom Container Growing Service to give your containers a head start.
  8.  Our plants will always be grown with care and for longevity. We research and select plants that will thrive in our climate and environment.
  9.  We employ fabulous staff who know their plants and are keen to help you.
  10.  Our ultimate goal is for YOU be successful with your plant choices!
We're bursting with colour!

We’re bursting with colour!