Our Potcycle Policy

Bring back your empty pots and trays
Many customers have been asking whether with Covid concerns we are taking back empty plastic pots and trays this year. The answer is Yes. We will have you unload your own empties and then leave for at least 48 hours in the sun before we handle them. We are always happy to reuse our own pots and reduce the need for using new plastic and we appreciate our customers thinking and acting on the issue too.
A few things to remember, please!
  1. We can only reuse our own containers. Please do not bring us any containers that you did not purchase from here. We have the costs of sorting unusable containers and then have to dispose of them ourselves.
  2. Do not return broken pots or trays. Again, we only end up having to dispose of them ourselves.
  3. Please do not leave on our driveway or at our gate. Call the phone number indicated on our sign so that we can show you where to put the containers.
Thanks for your help!
Every small action helps our planet!