Fundraiser Hanging Basket Challenge 2018

Donation made to Alliston and District Humane Society

We are very pleased and proud to announce that with the help of you – our loyal customers, we have raised $1045 for the Alliston and District Humane Society (ADHS)Sue Shannon from the ADHS visited the farm this week to pick up the cheque. The staff Hanging Basket Challenge was conceived while brainstorming ways to celebrate our 25th Birthday. The fundraiser has turned out to be a massive success – for our staff, lucky winning customers and the ADHS. Hanging baskets were designed and planted by our staff in March, then for three weeks in May, customers purchased ballots to vote for their favourite basket, with a chance of winning it. The basket that received the most votes was designed and planted by Val White and she has chosen the ADHS to be the recipient of money raised. Many thanks goes to our wonderful volunteers Willow Cherewaty, Lexi Dodge, Arran Adams, Ben Martin, Eileen Martin, Sherie Anderson and Kathleen Kennedy, all of whom took time away from busy lives to run the voting booth on weekends. Here for pictures of the 7 hanging baskets, with their designers and new owners! Congratulations to all the winners and look for some of the designs to be replicated next year for sale!

Which basket will be our 2018 Champion?

Competition is really heating up in our staff hanging basket challenge! We only have a few days of voting left, so please drop by before 5pm on Sunday May 27th to vote for your favourite hanging basket combination. All votes are a chance to win the basket, with proceeds being donated to a charity that the designer of the winning basket will select. We are currently at $700 raised and we hope to reach our goal of $1000 before Sunday! All seven baskets are colourful combinations that will flourish all season long. Two baskets are suited for shade or part shade and the other five will thrive in sun or part sun. Even if you have already voted, please do so again – baskets are growing and changing by the day!

 vote for your favourite hanging basket

Vote for your favourite hanging basket.

Vote for a chance to win!

Voting is now well under way in our Hanging Basket Challenge. Not only do you have a chance to win a beautiful hanging basket, but you will also be donating some cash to a worthy charity.

Here’s how it works:

Early March – Our employees and family members – Kieron, Dan, Kelly, Val, Cathy, Ben and Chris each designed and planted a 14” hanging basket, using no more than 6 plants per basket. The baskets have been growing along with the rest of our crops.

May 5 to May 27 – Visitors to the farm pay to vote for their favourite basket, (ballots $2 each or 3 for $5) with each vote being a chance to win the basket. (Retail selling price $65.) Vote as many times as you like!

May 28 – One ballot will be drawn to win each basket and the 7 basket winners will be contacted. The basket design with the most votes will be announced. The winning basket designer has bragging rights and will choose a charity for the proceeds to be donated to.

Hope you will participate in voting the next time you are at the farm!