Heritage Tomatoes

Heritage Tomatoes

Heritage or heirloom tomatoes are old style varieties that have been in production for at least 50 years. Over the years, advances have been made to plant breeding and production methods and these varieties are now rarely grown commercially. Heritage tomatoes are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and colours and have fantastic flavor. However, they are not resistant to a wide range of diseases like most hybrid varieties are. They breed true to seed, meaning that seed can be kept and started the following year again. Most are indeterminate plants, which need to be staked, growing very large and producing fruit for several weeks on long vines.

Heritage Tomatoes Varieties for 2019

AUNT GERTIE’S GOLD – Mid season. Very large, 1 – 2lb golden yellow fruit. Shape can be a little irregular, but flavour is wonderful, fruity and sweet, yet complex. One of the best tasting yellow tomatoes.

AUNT RUBY’S GERMAN GREEN – Late season. Very large, beefsteak type, growing 1- 2lb. Fruit are light green with a hint of yellow striping and a pinkish interior. Sweet – tart flavour.

BLACK CHERRY – Early season. Small sized 1” cherry tomato with a rich mahogany – purple colour. Deep red flesh with blackish hues. Flavor is sweet, rich, deep and complex. Fruits abundantly in heavy clusters.

BLACK KRIM – Late season. Very large, dark coloured, thin skinned, meaty fruits are incredibly juicy and can grow up to 1.5lb under semi drought conditions. Slightly smoky, salty flavor is great for salads or eaten straight off the vine. Heavy producer.

BLONDKOPFCHEN (aka LITTLE BLONDE GIRL) – Mid season. Small golden yellow cherry 1” fruits held in giant clusters. Excellent, sweet taste. Enormous yields and rarely a cracked fruit.

CHOCOLATE STRIPES – Mid season. Very large, mahogany coloured with dark olive green striping. Delicious, complex, rich sweet and earthy flavour. Considered to be one of the best tasting ‘black tomatoes’. Great sandwich tomato!

FLAMME – Early season. Medium 2” French saladette tomato with persimmon orange skin and flesh. Full bodied flavour with a hint of citrus. Incredibly productive plants.

GREEN DOCTORS – Late season. Small sized ¾” greenish yellow cherry tomato with kiwi green coloured flesh. Some plants produce bright green fruit, others produce ‘frosted’ fruit which are lighter in colour and even sweeter. Huge yields and fabulous flavour.

ITALIAN HEIRLOOM – Mid season. Large, 1lb red meaty beefsteak fruit – a real classic heirloom from Italy. Flavour is amazing – rich, complex sweet flavours, well balanced with good acidity. Use for both slicing and sauces.

KELLOGGS BREAKFAST – Mid season. Very large, 1-2lb beautiful orange beefsteak tomato with solid, meaty orange flesh. Low acid, sweet, tangy, intense flavor.

MARVEL STRIPE – Early season. Large beefsteak bicolour tomato. Sunny gold fruits are shot through with rose – red striping, creating a beautiful marbleized effect. Flavour is mild, sweet and fruity.

MORTGAGE LIFTER – Early season. Large, many over 1lb, meaty and vigorous red beefsteak type. Great flavour and good slicer with few seeds. Plants are highly productive and disease resistant.

RED BOAR – Mid season. Medium 3-4 oz fruit with beautiful yellow and red stripes. A colour mutation of Green Zebra. Tomatoes are juicy, sweet and mild with a slight tangy taste.

RED BRANDYWINE – Late season. Large, up to 1lb beefsteak type. Ideal for slicing or salads. Pinkish red fruit. One of the most famous heirlooms (1885, Amish) and the winner of many taste tests. Bright tangy flavour. Reliable performer.

RED FIG – Late season. Small 1.5”, pear shaped, bright red cherry tomatoes. This variety has been grown in America since the mid 1800s when they were dried and packed away for winter use as a substitute for figs. Delicious sweet flavour with a very sweet skin. Heavy producer.

SAN MARZANO – Mid season. Medium, deep red Italian Roma style tomato. 3” long and 1.5” thick. Good crack resistance and great productivity. Excellent for sauces, canning or drying. Medium sized plant.

STRIPED ROMAN – Mid season. Medium 4-6” long Roma style tomato. Long pointed red fruit with wavy orange stripes. Abundant, very meaty and delicious with barely any seeds.

Heritage Tomatoes

Heritage tomatoes are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and colours and have fantastic flavor.

Heirloom Tomatoes

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