A mouthwatering taste of summer!

We grow several types of melon, all definitely worth a try in our growing zone. Mid June is the perfect time to plant as by then the soil has warmed up nicely and transplants will establish well and take off. All melons need a long hot summer to produce – see our tips for more information on growing melons.

We choose varieties that mature early, giving you the best possible chance of a harvest. Our Cantaloupe variety is called Sugar Cube and produces an abundance of small 2-4lb personal size melons with a high sugar taste and deep orange flesh. The Honeydew melons mature to 6-8lbs with a cream / green interior and high sugar taste. As for Watermelons, we grow both a delicious red fleshed variety (7-9lbs) and a very early maturing unique yellow fleshed variety (3-5lbs). If you have a sunny hot spot in your garden, try growing your very own fresh melons this summer!

Watermelon makes a refreshing summer snack!