Our Tomato Selection

Heritage Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an easy crop to grow in this area and whether you have a large veggie garden or are growing in containers, everyone can be successful with tomatoes. I spend a lot of time in the winter researching and finalizing our listing and the result is a huge range of tomato plants to offer you. Hybrid varieties such as Big Beef, Ultra Sweet or Sungold have been bred for flavour, disease resistance, productivity and shelf life. We grow 18 hybrid tomato varieties.

Heritage varieties such as Brandywine, Black Krim or Tigerella are varieties that are over 50 years old, many of which have been grown for over 100 years. We grow over 25 heritage tomato varieties. They come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes – many are unique colours with fantastic flavour, but heritage varieties have less of a tolerance for disease than hybrid varieties. To enjoy a range of flavour, colour and size and to discover what works for you, maybe try planting a mix of both hybrid and heritage varieties. When you come to shop, we are happy to make suggestions!

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We grow over 40 varieties of tomatoes.