Peony List

Updated for 2022

BARTZELLA – Itoh. Double. Fragrant, bright lemon yellow flowers. 30” tall

BRIDAL SHOWER – Herbaceous – Double. Ivory white. Vigorous plant with strong stems. 34” tall

CALLIE’S MEMORY – Itoh. Semi double. Creamy apricot with red centre. 28” tall

CORAL SUNSET – Herbaceous. Semi double. Intense coral, fragrant, long lasting flowers. 28” tall

CORA LOUISE – Itoh. Semi double. Large white flowers with burgundy flares. 24” tall

DO TELL – Herbaceous. Semi double, anemone type. Soft pink, mildly fragrant flowers. 32” tall

FIRST ARRIVAL – Itoh. Semi double. Very large, lavender pink fragrant flowers. 24” tall

GAY PAREE – Herbaceous. Double. Pink and white anemone type flowers. 36” tall

HONEY GOLD – Herbaceous. Single. Yellow centre surrounded by white petals. 28” tall

LADY IN RED – Herbaceous. Double. Huge, fragrant, deep red blooms. 28” tall

PETER BRAND – Herbaceous. Double. Deep ruby red blooms mature to purple red. 36” tall

PRAIRIE CHARM – Itoh. Semi double. Fragrant yellow flowers with dark centre. 32” tall

SCARLET HEAVEN – Itoh. Single. Scarlet red flowers. 28” tall

WHITE WINGS – Herbaceous. Single. Slightly ruffled white petals. Fragrant. 32” tall

Yellow Crown – Medium sized, semi double, bright yellow flowers. 20” high. Photo courtesy of Darwin Perennials.

Yellow Crown – Medium sized, semi double, bright yellow flowers. 20” high. Photo courtesy of Darwin Perennials.

There’s nothing like Peonies for gorgeous but reliable and easy June colour. We grow both intersectional (Itoh) and herbaceous varieties. Intersectional (Itoh) varieties are a cross between tree and herbaceous types, featuring the exotic and colourful flowers of tree varieties, combined with the easy care of herbaceous varieties. Our Peony collection includes a range of colours – including the very special yellow varieties, but also pink, red, salmon and white and a range of flower types including single, Japanese, anemone, semi double, double and bomb double. Many varieties also have a beautiful scent.

Here’s how to take care of Peonies

Plant in full sun and allow approx. 3 feet per plant. Some of the taller herbaceous varieties may need staking, but usually the intersectional varieties have stronger stems and will support themselves. After blooms are finished, trim them off and the foliage will remain lush and green for the rest of the season. In the fall, cut stems down to about 3″ above the ground and the plants will overwinter and grow again in the spring. If you would like to divide or move Peonies, this can be done in the fall. Be sure not to plant too deep when replanting as this may cause the plant to not bloom.

Peony pink variety

Peony pink variety

Peony White Wings

Peony White Wings