Habitat and food for Monarch Butterflies

We grow several selections of the native North American Milkweed, including the white flowered Ice Ballet and deep rose flowered Soulmate. Milkweed is important to plant and cultivate in gardens as endangered Monarch butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on Milkweeds, which then becomes an essential food for the growing caterpillars. Both Ice Ballet and Soulmate Milkweed form a tall upright clump of long green leaves, bearing clusters of long blooming vanilla scented flowers.

Plants are very easy to grow, but are often late emerging in the spring. They are not invasive and are safe to mix in with other perennials. Add a few plants to a sunny spot in your garden and watch for Monarch butterflies and caterpillars to arrive. This is a wonderful project to work on with children as the caterpillars are so easily identifiable and very unique. I was thrilled that my Milkweed plants were covered in caterpillars last summer and am hoping for more this year!

Monarch caterpillar enjoying my milkweed

Milkweed Soulmate