Pie or crisp anyone?

Love cooking with rhubarb? Why not try growing some? Rhubarb is a very easy plant to grow which will steadily expand into a larger clump over the years. Plant in a sunny spot in your garden and watch as the leaves emerge and it grows quickly in the spring.

How to grow rhubarb

Plants will grow quite large so allow about 3 feet between them. Rhubarb loves rotted manure or compost so give it a good dose in the early spring. Harvest the stalks when they are long and red, cut off the leaves and stew or roast according to your recipe. Rhubarb can also be successfully frozen – just cut raw stems into bite sized pieces, pop in a plastic freezer bag and freeze. After you have harvested some stems, leave the plant to grow over the summer and into the fall. No need to confine rhubarb to the veggie patch – it will grow well in amongst perennials, providing structure and a backdrop to flowering plants. Stop by soon and pick out a rhubarb plant!