Native shrub provides year round interest

Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis) is a native shrub that you will find growing in our countryside. It is also a wonderful large shrub for the garden, eventually growing to about 20’ high and 10’ wide. Each plant is multi stemmed and as the plant grows it develops into a beautiful airy architectural shape. Leaves are small and silvery green.

Spring, Summer and Fall!

In the spring for a week, or two at the most you will be treated to a covering of small white flowers. Birds love the fruit which ripens in the summer. In the fall, foliage turns brilliant gold. Serviceberry can look good planted singly as a specimen or in small groups. Next time you come into the farm, check out our Serviceberry in our entrance beds. They are the largest shrubs in the bed and look like bushy trees, anchoring the beds and providing year round interest.

Serviceberry in the spring with small white flowers

Serviceberry in the spring with small white flowers