Superbell Hanging Baskets

Speckles and Stars!

Our Superbell hanging baskets have always been popular as they fill out beautifully and are easy to care for, rewarding you with colour all summer until frost. We grow a broad array of colours and patterns – something for every taste! Two new and unique Proven Winner bicolours caught my attention at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference last fall. I just had to grow them – they are stunning!

  • Holy Smokes features a speckled star patterned flower in shades of lavender and white with a yellow throat.
  • Holy Moly is also a bicolour speckled star but in shades of glowing pink and yellow, with a deeper yellow throat.

Both are large flowers on mounding and trailing plants – perfect for baskets hung in full or part sun. All our Superbells are also available in quart pots for planting in your own containers or gardens. Enjoy!

Holy Smokes and Holy Moly Superbells

Holy Smokes and Holy Moly Superbells