Perennial Garden Renovation

Fall is here and with it usually comes some fabulous weather for gardening. This time of year is perfect for moving, dividing and reorganising perennials, while the details of our gardens are all still fresh in our minds!


After Thanksgiving, when you have completed a thorough clean up and cut down of your perennials. It is much easier to make sense of the garden then.

Plan and think…

Look your garden over with a critical eye. Try to imagine what plants would look like in a different spot. Think of colour, bloom time and height. Is there a particular season when colour is lacking? Check out some photos that you may have taken through the season.

Go for it!

Get out a sharp spade and wheelbarrow. Try to reorganise your garden into large groups of perennials. Over the years, some plants may have seeded or spread wildly. Take them out! Be ruthless with anything that is not performing. Some perennials die out in the centre and this is a good indication that they are ready to be divided to maintain vigor. Dig out the whole clump, chop it up and replant smaller clumps. Make some spaces for some new plants, and give away extra plants.

Have fun, wait and watch all your hard work blossom in the spring!