Calamintha Nepeta

2021 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year

This sun loving perennial, also known as Calamint is the perfect choice for attracting beneficial pollinators, blooming from early summer until frost. Delightfully fragrant minty foliage forms a compact mound which is covered in tiny white flowers. Plant where the fragrance can be appreciated! Calamintha is a zone 5 perennial, so a sheltered location is required in this area.

It was selected to receive the prestigious title of 2021 Perennial Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association. Members in this group vote for the Perennial of the Year, as well as nominating future plants for this award. Perennials of the Year are usually known for their year round interest, ease of care and ability to thrive in a wide range of zones and varying growing conditions.

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Calamintha Nepeta

Calamintha Nepeta. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.