+ Cut Flower Transplants

Cut Flower Transplants

Grow your own bouquets this summer! As most of you know, the Flower Farm was originally established in 1993 to grow flowers for cutting and drying. Over the years, as our business evolved and priorities changed, we stopped the field production (2001) and started selling transplants for customers to grow their own at home. Flowers should be planted in full sun in either a… Read More


2019 Hanging Basket Challenge Winners

Check out the pictures of the 8 hanging baskets, with their designers and new owners. Congratulations to all the winners and designers!


Grow and Eat your Greens!

Swiss Chard, Kale, Arugula and Lettuce The health benefits of eating plenty of leafy green veggies have been well proven. As usual, we have grown a good selection of transplants this year, all of which are easy to grow and can be planted out when it is still cool. Just find a sunny spot in the garden with good soil. All veggies will benefit… Read More

+ cornusstol arctic fire

Cornus Arctic Fire

Arctic Fire Dogwood provides bright winter interest against the snow in the winter and early spring.

+ Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Wild and beautiful! Perovskia atriplicifolia or Russian Sage as it is more easily pronounced is a woody, sun loving perennial that flowers late summer, offering sometimes much needed end of season colour. When you are looking at your garden, trying to assess areas that may need new plants, try to imagine how the garden will look by late summer and fall. Is there enough… Read More

+ sweet peppers


Hot or sweet & easy to grow! Peppers are an easy and rewarding summer vegetable crop and we grow a full selection of both hot and sweet pepper plants. Hot peppers include Hot Portugal – a fiery hot red salsa type which grows to 6” long, Hungarian Yellow Wax – a medium hot, yellow type which grows to 6” long and Jalapeno – a… Read More


A beautiful vegetable! Those of you who know me well will already know that I have a passion for growing and cooking Eggplant and that I am always encouraging others to try growing some of this beautiful vegetable for themselves! If you haven’t had the run down from me personally, here goes… We grow 2 varieties – the large and rounded deep purple Italian… Read More


Cleome Pequena Rosalita

Tall, bold colour all season long! We have grown this stunning annual Cleome for several years now and everyone who buys it comes back for more the following year! Pequena Rosalita is a large, bushy annual plant which performs beautifully in a container or in the ground. Flowers are lilac pink and cover the plant all season long. Unlike the seed grown Cleomes, this… Read More

+ Raspberries


Raspberries should be grown in a sunny location in narrow rows. Canes grow vigorously and may need to be supported with stakes and string.

+ mallow

Malva Zebrina or Mallow

Plants form an upright, bushy mound with 2” wide soft lavender purple flowers, exotically striped with deep maroon veins.