Butterfly Bush

Buddleia, Butterfly magnets for the garden

Our aptly named Buddleia or Butterfly Bush are just starting to come into bloom in our perennial house. If you would like to try growing a real butterfly magnet plant and you have a sunny, sheltered location, then you must consider Buddleia! Choose from Prince Charming (cerise pink flowers) or Blue Knight (lavender purple flowers). Woody plants reach about 4 feet tall, with long flower panicles covering the foliage from late summer to fall. The scent is beautiful and the butterflies will flock to the blooms.

Plant in sheltered location

Since these gorgeous perennials are a zone 5 plant, they need to be planted in a sheltered location, with some protection from winter winds. Do not cut back in the fall, instead cut back late spring when new growth is evident. Be patient – they can be slow to show signs of life in the spring. I’m adding some to my garden this year for sure!

Attract butterflies to your garden

There are two groups of plants that will help attract butterflies.

  1. Plants that provide nectar as a food source
  2. Host plants that butterflies can lay eggs on

Plant a variety of these plants  so you can help attract and keep butterflies in your garden.

Blue Knight Butterfly Bush

Blue Knight Butterfly Bush