+ Flower Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet Roses are very resistant to the traditional rose diseases and rarely suffer from any major insect damage.

+ Thunbergia annual vines have been improved over the years and are now available as a top performing Proven Winner plant.

Thunbergia Orange A-Peel

I love Thunbergia combined with a mix of other strong colours – try with Dragon Wing Begonia Red, Petunia Indigo Charm and Sweet Potato Vine Lime for a colourful vigorous combination.

+ Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas

Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas

Airy blue and easy too! Catmint is one of my favourite perennials – I just love their mounding and natural yet tidy habit and small colourful, airy blue flowers.



Leeks belong to the onion family but do not form a bulb, instead a long upright white shank is produced topped with wide flat leaves.


Superbell Hanging Baskets

Speckles and Stars! Our Superbell hanging baskets have always been popular as they fill out beautifully and are easy to care for, rewarding you with colour all summer until frost. We grow a broad array of colours and patterns – something for every taste! Two new and unique Proven Winner bicolours caught my attention at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference last fall. I just had… Read More


Yellow Peonies

Yes, we have grown the much sought after, famous and very special Yellow Peonies!

+ Hanging Basket Challenge

Hanging Basket Challenge Fundraiser 2019

Vote for a chance to win! In 2018 we tried a new fun initiative – a Hanging Basket Challenge, which we are proud to say was the recipient of the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Promotional Event at 2018 Landscape Ontario’s Garden Centre Awards. Due to the huge success of the Hanging Basket Challenge, we are once again running this unique fundraiser. Here’s how… Read More


Planning for 2019

In September, I attended an open day at one of our young plant suppliers, Sants Greenhouses in Bolton.

+ Favourite container annual: Mandevilla ‘Dundee Pink’

2018 Top Garden Picks

These plants that really stood out for me in my garden in 2018.



A mouthwatering taste of summer! We grow several types of melon, all definitely worth a try in our growing zone. Mid June is the perfect time to plant as by then the soil has warmed up nicely and transplants will establish well and take off. All melons need a long hot summer to produce – see our tips for more information on growing melons…. Read More