+ Czechmark Trilogy photo courtesy Proven Winners.

Weigela Czechmark

Czechmark is a new series of Weigela shrub that showcases just how much flower power this old-fashioned favourite is capable of.

+ Sedum Lemon Coral

Sedum Lemon Coral

Not only is Sedum Lemon Coral vigorous, but being a succulent that stores water in its foliage, it is extremely drought tolerant.

Grow Pumpkins!

Easy and fun to grow your own pumpkins! As gardeners, we are always thinking and planning ahead and this year is no exception! Its time now to start planning and planting crops for Halloween and Fall decorating! We grow a cool selection of Pumpkin and Gourd plants – choose from large orange pumpkins, small pie pumpkins, large white pumpkins or how about the Warty Goblin pumpkin, which as the name suggests is… Read More

+ Bees love Beebalm flowers as do hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Monarda Purple Rooster or Beebalm

Monarda or Beebalm is an old fashioned perennial that is more commonly seen in gardens in its red form and attracts pollinators.

+ Fuchsia Dollar Princess


Old fashioned flowers making a come back! Two of the seven hanging baskets that were featured in our 2018 Hanging Basket Challenge used Fuchsias to make a real statement. This showy upright annual with unique hanging flowers comes in many colours and forms and has been around for ‘donkey’s years’. Many of us will remember our Grandmothers growing them. Over the last few years, with many… Read More

+ Cut Flower Transplants

Grow a Cutting Garden

Grow your own bouquets this summer! As most of you know, the Flower Farm was originally established in 1993 to grow flowers for cutting and drying. Over the years, as our business evolved and priorities changed, we stopped the field production (2001) and started selling transplants for customers to grow their own at home. Flowers should be planted in full sun in either a… Read More

+ specialty hot peppers

Specialty Hot Peppers

Need some heat in your life? Browse our collection of specialty Hot Pepper varieties and you may be inspired to try some new varieties and become a hot pepper connoisseur! Our selection includes many different types, shapes, sizes, colours and strengths of heat. The heat strength of hot peppers is measured in Scoville Heat Units (shu). Specialty Hot Peppers and Scoville Heat Units (shu)… Read More


Fundraiser Hanging Basket Challenge 2018

Donation made to Alliston and District Humane Society We are very pleased and proud to announce that with the help of you – our loyal customers, we have raised $1045 for the Alliston and District Humane Society (ADHS). Sue Shannon from the ADHS visited the farm this week to pick up the cheque. The staff Hanging Basket Challenge was conceived while brainstorming ways to celebrate… Read More


Dragon Wing Begonia

Have you experienced the ‘Dragon’ yet? Dragon Wing Begonias are one of my favourite annuals of all time – everyone needs a Dragon Wing somewhere in their garden! Flowers are either bright red or soft pink, both with a yellow centre and are held above beautiful glossy green ‘wing’ shaped leaves. The effect is an upright bushy clump with foliage that arches and flowers that hang. The… Read More

Haskap Berries

New and unique flavour! Haskap berries are new, delicious and easy! Imagine a plump, blue, juicy berry that tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry – that is a Haskap! You won’t find these fruits in the grocery store and they are easy to grow in a home garden. We have two varieties of Haskap – Yezberry Maxie and Yezberry Solo. Solo… Read More